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Lucky customers win back the cost of their Riser Recliner chairs from Ableworld

This entry was posted in General June 1, 2018

As part of our Winter promotion, we offered any customer who purchased a new Riser recliner chair the opportunity to win back the full cost, with their names automatically entered into the draw. We are pleased to announce that we have randomly selected the 3 lucky winners and have been able to present over £1500 back to the 3 lucky customers in the UK.

We had winners from Wrexham, Bournemouth and Reading, all of which were very happy with their surprise.

Mrs Owens from Wrexham- £349

Bev from our Wrexham store took the pleasure in visiting Mrs Owens at Chirk Court care home in Wrexham. Mrs Owens recently bought an olive Tabley Riser Recliner chair from us, and she was very shocked when she was given the good news that she was due back the £349 she paid for it. Mrs Owens was extremely pleased and said she has never won anything like this before! We hope you enjoy using your Tabley chair and spending your winnings Mrs Owens!

Mrs Margaret Sansom from Bournemouth- £599

Mrs Sansom visited our Bournemouth store recently and purchased a new Langley Riser Recliner chair. When Kev from our Bournemouth store phoned them up Mrs Sansom and her daughter couldn’t believe the surprise. All of the family were very happy with the news as she said her family never win anything. Kev visited Mrs Sansom and her husband to deliver the cheque and she was very delighted after she got over the initial shock. We are so pleased we could give you the money back from your lovely Langley chair.

Mrs Harvey from Reading- £599

Mrs Harvey recently visited our Reading store and also purchased a new Langley Riser Recliner chair from us during our Winter promotion. When our Reading store surprised Mrs Harvey with the cheque for £599 and she could not believe her luck! Mrs Harvey is a regular customer in our Reading store and said she will continue to shop with us for all her mobility aids.

Well done and congratulations to our three lucky winners, we hope you all enjoy your surprise winnings! We hope to run our Riser Recliner competition again soon and surprise some more lucky winners with a free Riser recliner chair. Feel free to view our wide range of Riser recliner chairs here.

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Dementia Friendly Ableworld

This entry was posted in General May 22, 2018

At Ableworld we are very proud to support Alzheimer’s Society and be part of the Dementia Friends initiative. In the UK there are currently over 850,000 people who are affected by Dementia, which is said to rise to 2 million people by 2051. The majority of people think that it can only affect the elderly, a statement that is not true. Over 42,000 people Under 65 in the UK currently suffer from early onset dementia. At Ableworld we want to support those living with Dementia by understanding the difficulties and take actions to help ease these throughout everyday living.

Here at Ableworld we support the Dementia Friends initiative, run by Alzheimer’s Society. With guidance from our Dementia Champions, all of our staff undergo a Dementia Friends session. The initiative primarily aims to change the way the nation thinks, acts and talks about Dementia, by helping everybody to understand Dementia as a whole. The Dementia Friends initiative features structured Information sessions and Online videos, both of which help you to learn a lot more about Dementia and know the small ways you can help. From these sessions all of our staff understand the difficulties that people living with Dementia can face and helpful ways we can assist our customers in store.

In our Ableworld stores all of our products are designed to help with the ease of general mobility overall, although we are proud to sell products that are specifically Dementia Friendly. We are proud of these products and with our Dementia Friends knowledge we love showing them to our customers. Examples of the Dementia Friendly products that are available online and in our stores are:

  • Our 3 Key Turner, a moulded plastic turner that is designed to give a larger grip and stronger leverage to help turn the key. This is an ideal product to assist people that have weakened joints or limited hand grip.
  • Our Red Grab Rails, ideal for those living with Dementia to find and use the grab rails more easily. The contrast in colour is perfect in making these rails more identifiable, and the material ensures these rails are anti-slip, even when wet. These rails can be installed vertically or horizontally onto any wall and are available in varied lengths or in an angled position.
  • Furthermore our Anti Slip Material Roll can be used to maintain independence for people living with Dementia. This roll is used to prevent objects slipping, or can be used as a grip around objects or utensils, such as cutlery. This roll helps specifically with aiding a limited or weakened muscle grip.

At Ableworld we are continuously aiming to bring in more Dementia Friendly products each day that are designed to help with the everyday life of a person living with Dementia. All of our Dementia Friendly products can be illustrated by our Dementia Friends store staff, who will be happy to show you relevant products to assist for varying needs. To find your Local Ableworld Store please click here

For further information about becoming a Dementia Friend or Champion please visit  

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Lights Camera Action 

This entry was posted in General May 1, 2018

Are you looking for step by step, easy to understand, advice on mobility aids that may be able to help you remain independent for longer? We hope that Ableworld may have the answer to some of your questions with our new online videos and “how to” guides.

It is important for us here at Ableworld that we are able to take the next step in helping our customers in finding the right products for your needs with step by step videos.

Our new videos come hand in hand with the recent introduction of the quarterly Ableworld Magazine Independence, and our appearance on TV in the Manchester area, showing everyone that we are committed in going to extra mile for our customers.

We had the great pleasure of teaming up a local video production company, Keystone creative, to make our Ableworld videos to help you choose the right mobility aid.

Our main aim was to keep our videos personal to Ableworld as we want to ensure our customers feel comfortable with the advice we are offering. We didn’t hire in actors or film in a big white studio as that isn’t the reality of the Mobility world – our customers are. We used our own friendly staff (with a little bit of arm twisting) and we made sure that all of the advice we talk about is exactly the same as how you would be informed if you walked into any of our 34 stores around the UK. We get a lot of customers who may be afraid to come into store and ask questions so we hope that these short videos help our customers to understand how a mobility aid, or service could help them, while remaining in the comfort of their own home.

Our short videos include:

We had great fun on set during the filming within our Specialist Equipment area in Shrewsbury store and had plenty of customers watching as Trevor and the team at Keystone worked their magic with our willing staff members.

Massive thanks goes out to Julie from Ableworld Nantwich, Darren from Ableworld Hanley, Aaron from Ableworld Chester, Ryan one of our Stairlift Engineers and Ashley our Mobility Equipment engineer from Shrewsbury – feel free to ask them for their autographs if you pop into store.

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