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Advice on purchasing a Riser Recliner Chair

This entry was posted in General October 18, 2018

If you are living with mobility problems and find that you are sitting down for long periods of time whilst at home, a Riser Recliner can really help you. Many customers tell us that they cannot get comfortable in a chair or they are suffering with aches and pains due to age or illness and it may be that their chair isn’t helping them, which is why we want to help and offer everyone free advice to help you make an informed decision

If you think you might benefit from a Riser Recliner here are some recommendations that we would suggest you check before making a purchase.

Do you understand the different types of Riser Recliner Chairs?

Riser Recliners are separated into 2 main mechanical categories, single motor and dual motor.

A single motor chair uses one motor to raise the footrest and recline the backrest in one smooth motion, this will then return users to the seated position and continue to raise them to their feet. As there is only one motor, this type of chair has a simple 2 button handset, one button to recline and one button to raise.

Dual Motor chairs have 2 motors, one which controls the seat recline and rise option and the other motor controls the footrest. This enables users to find the ideal position for their needs, ensuring comfort and adaptability.

Both types of chair are readily available and in a wide range of styles and colours to match your home surroundings. 

What type of Rise Recliner Design would suit me best?

The design and style of the chair will depend on the user and mainly comes down to which one you feel more comfortable in. Ableworld provide Riser Recliners with a variety of comfortable seating options some with standard padding and some models also have an availability to come with a button back or waterfall back.

The button back tends to be a firmer and flatter back that has a traditional look and tends to be overall more popular with our customers.  

The Waterfall back is usually a combination of 3 padded cushions that create a waterfall effect. These cushions are adjustable, ensuring you can find a comfortable configuration, and ideal for users who may suffer with a spine curvature.

What size chair do I need?

When you choose a Riser Recliner it is really important that you are measured for a chair that fits. This applies to all Riser Recliners, whether you choose to purchase second hand or a new chair, please ensure the chairs fits your needs as well as your budget. There are some critical measurements that should be considered to ensure your Riser Recliner helps you rather than cause other problems later down the line. Riser Recliner Chairs come in a range of sizes from petite to grand, so it is important you find one the right size for your needs.

Seat Height:

It is important to consider the length of your lower leg to ensure when you rise or recline your calf is fully supported and your Achilles muscle in your ankle rests on the edge of the footrest.

To measure the correct seat height: When seated ensure your bottom is right at the back of the chair so it is fully supported and ensure you can put both feet flat on the floor. If you can’t reach the floor you will need a smaller chair.

Seat Depth:

Your upper legs are the main point of body contact when seated in a Chair so you must ensure they are also fully supported in the correct position.

With your bottom still at the back of the seat your knees should easily form a 90 degree angle, with your upper legs parallel to the floor. You should also have a 1 inch gap (enough space for 2 fingers) between the back of your knee and the edge of the chair.

Seat Width:

As with the other measurements you need to ensure you have enough space in the seat without the ability to slouch to one side.

To measure the correct seat width: Continue to sit in the chair with your bottom well supported at the back and you should be able to fit both hands, either side of your body between yourself and the armrests.

Seat Back Height:

Your chair should fully support your spine and head ensuring you don’t slouch forward or tilt your neck backwards.

The back rest should be at least the same height as the top of your head.


All of our store staff are fully trained to measure customers for chairs as well as other mobility equipment and an assessment can be carried out in a matter of minutes. We offer customers the opportunity to come into any of our stores to have an assessment and try out a number of possibilities in store. Our stores stock over 11 models of Riser Recliner chairs to ensure we have a good range of sizes and styles for you to look at.

Visit your local Ableworld store today, or view our range of Riser Recliner chairs online here.

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