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Full Range Of Bespoke Chairs

Full Range Of Bespoke Chairs

For a full range of Ableworld bespoke Chairs, please visit our Specialist site here 

Please note our Specialist range is only available in certain stores and products are subject to a full assesment. For details of our specialist stores please click here

Poor seating can lead to increased pain, particularly in the back, hips and neck, and decreased mobility and independence. A proper assessment of individual needs is important in order to make sure that the correct piece of specialist seating equipment is chosen. Ableworld specialists carry out assessments of the individual and can advise you of the size of chair needed. Relief of pressure and prevention of pressure sores is an issue for anyone who remains seated for long periods and has difficulty changing their position. Choosing the right chair is an important first step, especially when chosing a seat with the correct dimensions to distribute weight evenly.

We have a full range of bespoke chairs ranging from £1250.00

For more information, please visit the Ableworld Specialist Site