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Car Handle

Car Handle


The Car Handle is a great product that's main feature is to help you get in and out of a car. It is a simple but effective product that works by fitting into the U-frame on the car door frame, providing a sturdy handle to assist with getting in and out of the car. It also comes with additional features: Seat belt cutter, Window breaker and an LED flashlight. 


This Car Handle is a great product to assist you get in and out of the car more easily.

This Car Handle will fit the majority of vehicles with the u-shaped striker. The car handle simply inserts into the u-shaped striker plate on your vehicle door frame, which is then used as a leverage to help you lower yourself in, or push yourself out of the car. 

It also comes with more added features including a seat belt cutter, should an emergency occur and the seat belt jams. Also a window breaker to assist exiting the car in an emergency, and a handy LED flashlight too.

This product is ideal for seniors, people recovering from surgery, or expectant mothers. 

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