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Elastic Wrist Wrap

Elastic Wrist Wrap


The Elastic Wrist Wrap is a one-size, wrist support providing compression and support to weak and injured wrists. Whether you’ve got tendon issues, swelling or just general weakness in the wrist it cause discomfort and affect your ability to carry out daily tasks. The Elastic Wrist Wrap comes with velcro closures which allow for a comfortable, adjustable fit specific to user’s individual requirements.


This innovative 2-way stretch Elastic Wrist Wrap contours to the shape of the wrist providing maximum comfort for the user.

Using this highly unique design offers even compression to reduce swelling and supports weak or injured muscles and joints.

The Elastic Wrist Wrap can expand, contract and stretch and is made of high grade durable material that permits a full range of movement ensuring comfort during a range of activities and helps to speed up recovery.

Supplied in one size designed to fit most users this support has an easy to adjust velcro strap that provides a tailored fit and optimises compression.

One size fits all.

How to use: To correctly fit the Elastic Wrist Wrap simply put your thumb through the hole, the wrap the wrap around the outside of your hand/wrist area and fasten the velcro to secure the wrap.

Helps to assists in the treatment of:
• Acute injuries
• General weakness
• Inflamed/swollen tendons
• Soft tissue injury
• Sprained wrist
• Swelling and oedema
• Swollen wrist

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