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Floor Standing Reading Lamp

Floor Standing Reading Lamp


This floor reading lamp is economical and gives out 6,500k daylight. It is great for everyday general room lighting purposes and is the ideal light for acticities such as reading, writing and craft hobby work. This lamp has a goosneck design making it easily adjustable to meet the users specific location needs. 



This floor reading lamp floods boasts optimum natural daylight levels (6,500k daylight) and is an economically friendly option at just 27w.

This makes it the ideal companion for everyday activities such as reading as writing, along with more specific duties such as craft hobby work. It also works great for general room lighting purposes.

The lamp is adjustable and easily maneuverable to give light to a specific and preferred location for the user.

It is compatiable with 27W Energy saving daylight bulbs.

Gooseneck design.

Colour: White

Height: 160cm

Cord Length: 175cm