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Dual Point Grab Rail

Dual Point Grab Rail


This innovative Dual Point Grab Rail can be used on any flat, non-porous surface. Featuring lockable suction cups at both end and one in the middle, these allow it to be sealed to a surface without the need for screws or other fixings. This product is an ideal safety tool for use in the bathroom, it provides a secure and reliable place for the user to grip when getting in and out of the bath or rising from the seat of a toilet. The use of this product helps to regain a degree of mobility independence as it helps to reduce the risks of falls.


The Dual Point Grab Rail designed for use on tiled walls or other non-porous surfaces.

Featuring a pressure switch at both ends and an extra one in centre for 180 degree customised angle swivelling, the rail creates an extremely resilient vacuum seal when attached to a surface without any need for drilling or screwing.

It’s also easy to remove by releasing the pressure switches, making it conveniently repositionable and portable.

It’s perfect for ensuring safety and independence for the user and as a bonus, also easy to keep clean.

This product is designed to assist your natural motion as when getting in and out of the shower/bath.

It is not designed to hold or support full body weight.

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