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Dementia Friendly Products

This entry was posted in General May 16, 2019

Every three minutes, someone in the UK develops Dementia. This means almost all of us knows someone affected by dementia – a family member, customer or member of staff, – and it doesn’t just affect old people. At Ableworld we are proud to support Alzheimer’s Society and be part of the Dementia Friends initiative. Many of our staff members are ‘Dementia Friends’ and therefore we understand the everyday difficulties and how they can be addressed.

In our Ableworld stores all of our products are designed to help with the ease of general mobility overall, however we are proud to sell products that are specifically Dementia Friendly. Along with our staff’s Dementia Friends knowledge, we love showing these products to our customers. Examples of the Dementia Friendly products that are available online and in our stores are:

Red Grab Rail

Our Red Grab Rail is designed for maximum visibility, as its high contrast colour makes it very noticeable when affixed to a bathroom wall. As a result, the rail becomes much more recognisable for someone living with Dementia or a visual impairment. As a further safety feature the rail has a non-slip texture, and has a ribbed surface for easy grip and to prevent falls.

Day/Date Wall Clock

At Ableworld our Day/date Wall Clock is a very convenient time source that features large clear numbers and distinct hands, making it easy to read from anywhere in the room. It also features an uncluttered digital display which shows the Day, Date and Month in UK format. When living with Dementia some people may experience difficulty in telling the time, therefore the large hands and digital display can make a much clearer reading aid. The clock is available in two colours; a clear background and a high-contrast yellow background.

3 Key Turner

Our 3 Key Turner is a great household accessory that makes operating locks much easier, and is ideal for people with weak joints. It is designed to fit 3 keys onto a moulded plastic turner that gives a larger grip and stronger leverage to turn in the lock. The large curved handle fits in the palm of the users hand for a full grip, and when the keys are not in use they fold into the handle. This turner is ideal for people living with Dementia that may have a poor grip, or weakened joints.

Cutlery Utensil Set

Our Cutlery Utensil Set features a soft cushion grip and is ideal for those who have restricted or limited hand movement, which can effect some people living with Dementia. This cutlery set features soft cushion grips and extra wide handles for comfort, as well as a utensil strap that helps secure it to the hand of the user, which can lead to improved independence when feeding. The knife is a rocker knife, which means it has a rounded blade that utilises a rocking motion for easy cutting. As well as being suitable for some people living with Dementia, this set is also ideal for those who suffer from MS and Arthritis. 

Home Safety Alert

The Home Safety Alert is a handy security aid for live-in carers or for those who have family members living at home. With a 60 metre range the wireless paging system is a great way of knowing when someone needs assistance or help in doing something. The large call button on the pendant activates the main alarm unit with a distinct alarm tone, so the carer can know who is calling. This device is ideal for individuals living with Dementia as it gives a sense of security for both the user and the carer.

Drinking Cup

Our Drinking Cup is suited to those with tremors, shakes and a weak grip, which can be traits of some people who are living with Dementia. The cup features a lid with a long spout, which is easy to direct towards the mouth, and reduces spillages further. The cup is available in various bright colours so that it is easily recognisable to the user. It is also made of plastic so it will not shatter if dropped, meaning no danger and no spillages.  

We have a great range of Dementia friendly products at Ableworld, as well as numerous ranges of general mobility products. To try out our Dementia friendly products please visit your local Ableworld store, where one of our Dementia friendly staff members will be happy to help. Also feel free to shop the products online on our website for home delivery.

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