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Regular Dry Wipes

Regular Dry Wipes


These Regular Dry Wipes are suitable for general patients and surface cleansing uses, which do not compromise on quality, softness and strength. These Dry Wipes only contain pure fibres and do not contain any harmful chemicals or additives which could irritate the skin. They are soft enough to cleanse and dry patients without damaging delicate skin. This product is tough enough with the even most difficult of tasks and are equally strong and effective whether used wet or dry. 


These Regular Dry Wipes are use the most basic and lightest weight material which means it’s very economical to buy.

Due to its innovative new polypropylene based material, it is extremely soft to the touch and strong enough to perform the majority of cleansing tasks.

With it being soft and gentle it can be used wet or dry, this product is ideal for personal hygiene and continence care particularly when dealing with compromised skin.

The combination of economy of purchase and product features make the Regular Dry Wipes a popular choice for care home use.

Sold in a pack of 100.

Size: 290 x310mm.

*Please Note: For hygiene reasons this item cannot be returned

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