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Bunion Aider

Bunion Aider


This Bunion Aider is worn over the foot and toes. Its stretchy design holds it in place and it can be worn underneath socks, with in-built cushioning the Bunion Aider protects the toes from damage and absorbs impacts. It has a universal size and can be worn on either foot.


The Bunion Aider is an elasticated sleeve with a gel pad which is worn over the toes providing cushioning and protective padding.

The gel padding protects the sensitive area of the forefoot from impact and stress.

Its discreet design enables it to be worn under socks and hosiery.

Features an anti-slip foam that holds the support firmly in place.

Features a 3-point strap for correction in all 3 planes.

It’s ideal for everyday use. Can be worn on either foot or on hands to protect thumbs.

Comfortable and adjustable for ease of use.

Universal size.

Can be hand washed with a mild detergent.

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