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Inflatable Shampoo Basin

Inflatable Shampoo Basin


The Inflatable Shampoo Basin is designed to make washing hair easier if you are unable to get out of bed or struggle with limited mobility. The basin is easily inflated and deflated, so it can be used when needed, and stored away when not required. Once inflated it provides a comfortable and supportive basin that holds water for you to wash your hair in.


The Inflatable basin is designed to make washing your hair and bathing easier should you struggle with limited mobility or are unable to get out of bed.

The basin can be inflated easily by mouth or pump (not included) and has two air chambers to make inflating the basin easier. To deflate the basin you simply let the air out of it, it will then be compacted and stored easily.

The design of the basin, with a cut out recess to rest your neck, makes it comfortable and supportive to use and also helps to avoid splashes for a more enjoyable hair washing experience.

The portable, inflatable basin comes with a drainage pipe and drainage hole with attached plug.

Made from vinyl the basin is latex free.

Also an ideal solution while camping.

Size: 6x22x20.8" / 16x56x53cm

*Please Note: For hygiene reasons this item cannot be returned

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