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Shampoo Cap

Shampoo Cap


This shower cap lets you wash your hair without the need of wetting it or the use of water It is ideal for those who find it difficult or uncomfortable to shampoo or condition their hair. 


A great way to wash your hair without the use of water.

The Shampoo Cap is filled with shampoo and conditioner which not only makes it quick and simple to use but also ensures that the hair receives a wash which is equal to a full wet wash and leaves hair healthy and clean.

To use simply place the cap in its closed packet into the microwave for approximately 20 seconds, place on your hair and massage to remove all dirt and leave hair clean and refreshed.

The conditioning shampoo is released into the hair and absorbed back into the cap leaving the hair towel dry.

Each pack contains one cap.

*Please Note: For hygiene reasons this item cannot be returned

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