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Walking Stick Strap

Walking Stick Strap

5060266846564 / STICK STRAP DRIVE
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Designed to help you keep your walking stick at hand, this Walking Stick Strap is easily attached to the shaft of the stick. This high quality black elasticated strap fastens securely around the stick and then is passed over your hand, resting around your wrist. Crafted in an attractive black, this strap is hard wearing and durable making it ideal for those who use their stick regularly and reply on it to stand and walk.


This high quality Walking Stick Strap have an elasticated loop that goes around the shaft of the walking stick, ensuring that they fit securely and stay in place, which can be easily attached to any walking stick.

This Walking Stick Strap fits around the wrist comfortably without chafing, protecting the user from any irritation on their wrist.

The straps allow the user to use their hands freely without having to put their walking stick down, so they can carry out tasks with confidence knowing their walking stick is prevented from being accidentally dropped.

Ideal for use when out shopping or to open doors or for users who struggle bending when their stick has been dropped.

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