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Magnifying Table Lamp

Magnifying Table Lamp


This Magnifying Table Light is a high quality ‘High Vision’ lamp. Providing light from a 12-watt tube fitted around a 4” (10cm) diameter magnifying lens. Perfect for small print, hobbies, repair work. Also features an adjustable arm so you can be sure to always get the magnification at the correct angle.


The Magnifying Table Lamp is the ideal lighting solution for the majority of people.

The magnifier on the side is the perfect accompaniment for the table lamp as it allows for tasks to be performed in perfect light, whether it’s sewing, knitting or reading.

This lamp makes any close work less stressful and more comfortable.

The daylight illumination emitted from the energy saving table lamp creates a clear bright beam, whilst its hinged 4” (10cm) diameter magnifying glass with 1.75x magnification will enlarge any text or image to be easily visible.

The cleverly design of this table lamp allows the lamp to be adjusted to the best possible angle for use.

This Magnifying Table Lamp is mains operated at only 12-watt power consumption.

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