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Arch Insoles

Arch Insoles

4719863696614 / ARCH INS (L)
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These Arch Insoles offer ergonomic support and comfort to the rear and mid-foot. They are suitable for treating plantar fasciitis, heel pain, Achilles tendonitis, Osgood-schlatters disease and ankle pain. A cushioned lining enhances protection for the softer tissues of the foot and heel cupping lends stability.

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These Arch Insoles include a built-in arch for proper foot alignment, they are made from breathable POLYIYOU material which offers superior comfort and keeps the feet cool and dry.

These high quality Arch Insoles include a top cloth for added comfort and moisture transport and won’t develop an odour even after extended use.

They are designed to fit comfortably in most types of shoe and are available in different sizes.

Small: 3-5 (UK)
Medium: 6-8 (UK)
Large: 9-11 (UK)

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