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Ladies Chestnut Crook

Ladies Chestnut Crook

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This Ladies Chestnut Crook is made from strong and durable chestnut wood and fitted with an anti-slip rubber ferrule, the cane is as reliable as it is beautiful. The crook is one of the most iconic, traditional country stick handles. It’s easy to grip design makes it great for catching a balance on uneven surfaces, while it allows you to quickly hook the stick over your arm when no longer needed. Length: 34” (87cm)


The Ladies Chestnut Crook is one of the most traditional walking sticks, ideal for everyday use.

Its brown chestnut colour makes it stylish and classic at the same time, while the anti-slip rubber ferrule ensures a secure grip on all hard surfaces.

At 34” (87cm) this crook is slightly shorter than an average model designed with ladies in mind.

The crook is grown from coppiced chestnut wood, this type of wood is known for its strength and durability making it the ideal material for walking sticks.

Length: 34” / 87cm