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5055062607495 / SHOEHORN (SHINE)

This Shoehorn measures 16" in length and is perfect for those who struggle to bend to get their shoes on. The Shoehorn is made from moulded plastic and is incredibly lightweight and easy to clean. The long handle helps to give excellent reach without the need to bend down.


This great value for money Shoehorn is made from strong moulded plastic providing the user with a long reach shoehorn that is perfect for use at the heel, helping to guide your feet into your shoes with ease.

The long handle gives excellent reach and makes this product ideal for those with limited mobility.

The Shoehorn also has a loop attached to the handle for easy and convenient storage.

Also easy to clean if required; simply wipe using a solution of mild detergent and water.

Length: 16” / 40.64cm

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