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Long Steel Shoehorn

Long Steel Shoehorn


The Long Steel Shoehorn is a simple tool which helps put shoes on more easily. To make it even easier to operate the blade of the Shoehorn has a spring that allows it to bend. The handle is sturdy and soft making it comfortable to grasp and there is a wrist loop to stop it from being dropped.


This Long Steel Shoehorn has a long shaft, making it great for those with limited flexibility.

If you have difficulty bending down, it could assist with your dressing routine.

Ideal for those with a condition such as Arthritis which prevents bending forwards to reach shoes or slippers.

With the chromed shoehorn’s blade mounted on a spring it bends in relation to the handle, making it even easier to use than standard shoehorns.

It has a comfortable handle and a hanging loop for easy storage.

Length: 23” / 59.5cm

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