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Walking Stick Clip

Walking Stick Clip

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This simple yet innovative Walking Stick Clip is invaluable for people who use walking sticks and canes. It can be attached to the stem of a stick and will allow it to be held upright on a table or worktop edge, meaning that the walking aid is held close by so it’s ready for use if required. A simple clip that grasps the stick securely in a balanced, vertical position. It can also be wedged under a table for a more secure holding position.


The Walking Stick Clip fits easily around any walking stick with its spring loaded mechanism ensuring that it stays in place securely.

The Walking Stick Clip allows any walking stick to be balanced on the edge of a table or work surface rather than propped against a wall or corner, so the user can place it in a convenient position so their walking stick is easily to hand.

Allows the user to have both hands free and carry out tasks with confidence and ease.

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